Get 5 Star Book Reviews for Your Amazon or Kindle Site



This service is for authors and publishers that are launching their new Book or Kindle eBook and would like to add ratings/reviews to their product. Good ratings encourage sales and help your Amazon ranking. We will review your book listed at or your Kindle eBook, and post the review on your Amazon page. Please provide your book title, author name and link to ensure we review the correct book.

Choose One: 3 Amazon Book Reviews or 3 Kindle eBook Reviews on your Product Page.

Amazon and Kindle reviews are from verified users. The estimated time for delivery is usually about 4-5 days. This service includes a detailed report showing your new reviews posted on Amazon. NO passwords or admin needed. Just send us your book site and we will do the promotion for you.

NOTE: Publishers may submit reviews to post. 100 words or less.

Total: $85.00